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Monday, September 15, 2008

My Conscience Is Still Clear - ISA Must Be Maintained

Those of you opposing the Internal Security Act (ISA) or Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri better think again. In the first place, what makes you think that the silent majority wants this so-called draconian law to be abolished in the first place? Mana you all tau yang orang lain nak ISA dimansuhkan? For all you know, the ones supporting ISA outnumber you in figures more than you can possibly imagine.

Here's my point - NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. The arrest of Sin Chew Daily's Tan Hoon Cheng was necessary to dilute the thickness of the current racial sensitivity issue. Lagipun, she was only detained for 18 hours and the Home Minister already said that it was for her own personal safety jugak. If I was Tan, I'd feel honoured because I got the red carpet treatment from the police who is concerned about my safety.

Sometimes I wonder, our tendency to criticise the police lately, does this mean we could do a better job if we were them? Kalau pandai sangat bab-bab policing ni, why the hell didn't you all signed up to join the force upon graduation or after leaving school dulu? The Royal Malaysian Police's business is ensuring public order and national internal security. Faham tak? They know best how to handle the situation. Cut them some slack okay?

As for Teresa Kok and Raja Petra, it was high time they were detained under ISA. Teresa should have known better than to meddle with sensitive religious matters where in this case, she said that the Azan (call for prayers) should not be allowed to be amplified on loudspeakers at the mosques. What does she expect? That the Malay Muslims would say "Duly noted, YB Teresa, the Azan is gone with immediate effect?"

Many of you will hate what I'm going to say next but what the hell. I'm going to say it anyway. For far too long, the Malays have been too accomodating and because of that, finally, after 51 years, the non-Malays are showing their true colours and making their move like a lion waiting to pounce on the zebra. Teresa Kok wants to complain about the Azan. But have we Malays ever complained in public about the noise that the Chinese make during Chinese New Year - the deafening lion dances, the fire crackers, the stuffed pig right in front of our homes etc.? Pernah tak? Tak pernah! And the same goes for Thaipusam - have we ever complained about the massive traffic jams and road closures we have to endure to enable the Hindu Gods to have a clear passage from Petaling Street to Batu Caves? Pernah tak? Tak pernah!

Why? Because we Malays respect other people's right to practice their own beliefs and religions. But when someone like Teresa Kok starts making statements like these, of course hati orang Melayu akan terguris. And I expect all Malays reading this to concur. Because if you don't, then you lots are the ones who are going to make the Malays end up at the very bottom of the social hierarchy in this country in no time - just like the Malays in Singapore.We Malays are not racists. It is the non-Malays whom are testing our patience. Don't push it!

I am ending this note with a quote by Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak, our second Prime Minister."SEKIRANYA ORANG-ORANG MELAYU GEMBIRA, MAKA ORANG-ORANG LAIN JUGA AKAN GEMBIRA DI NEGARA INI"

Think about it and re-think your thoughts on ISA. Tolong bersyukur, be grateful for what we have enjoyed and benefited so far. It is because laws such as ISA that we can sleep tight at night.

Semoga Allah s.w.t. merahmati tanahairku Malaysia....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When Our Numero Uno Soldier Speaks

Some may dismiss it as just another government official making a statement in response to the current political situation. But when the Panglima Angkatan Tentera or Armed Forces Chief talks, even if it was a mere whisper, you listen. And listen carefully.

Yesterday, our number one military officer, General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal called on the government to take stern action on anyone who raises racial issues as it is a serious matter which can threaten the security of the nation.

"Racial issues should not be raised as they are a threat to national security," he said, in light of the many polemics recently in relation to racial issues.

It wasn't just a call. It was a warning. And it applies to all, regardless of your political alignment. Whether you are UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PKR, PAS or DAP. It doesn't matter whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indians, Punjabi or Chindian.

Just because many Malaysians believe that the country is drastically changing after the March 8 General Election does not mean that our security forces - both the police and armed forces are taking the situation lying down. No way. Just because some bloggers think they are God now because people read the rubbish they write in cyberspace does not mean that the country's administrative and security protocols which have been in place for the past few decades have been jeorpadised or weakened. Dream on.

Those of you who are fond of criticising our men in uniform lately better think again. The Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces already have in place their standard operating procedures to ensure public order and national security remain intact. Don't even think for a minute that they have become lackadaisical. They are pretty much alert. I know because I have close friends in the police, Army, Navy, Air Force and even the newly formed MMEA.

Just because the HINDRAF demonstrators got away relatively scot-free is not an indication that our security forces have gone soft. The Army could have deployed their tanks and armoured cars to crush the demonstrators if they wanted to. Let's recap history which took place not so long ago, in 1989 to be exact. Remember the Tiananmen Square protests? The Chinese government simply deployed hundreds of People's Liberation Army tanks and armoured personnel carrier to suppress and crush the protestors. The two-month long series of protests by intellectuals, activists and students which began in mid April was ended in less than a day using the might of the military. And guess what, the same Chinese government is still in power, the same people who organised the recently concluded 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. How about that?

Morale of the story - DO NOT underestimate the capabilities of the Malaysian Armed Forces. Our soldiers have an awesome reputation globally and this is recognised even by their counterparts in the United States and United Kingdom.

These boys have sacrificed a lot to ensure that we continue to enjoy a peaceful life in Malaysia. While they are patrolling our borders in the middle of the night, most of us are tucked comfortably in bed, snoring like nobody's business. And why can we snore like nobody's business? Because a soldier on duty that night said "Sleep tight my fellow countrymen. The only possible threat to you tonight are mosquitos. Leave the rest to me. Nothing else will bother you. Not on my watch...."